Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Invocation for the Dedication of Boise's New City Council Chambers

Creator and Sustainer of Life, Foundation of Justice, Fount of Mercy:

We are thankful for the opportunity to gather for the first time in this newly renovated meeting place.  In ancient days, the judges of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem would convene in a hallowed hall known as the Chamber of Hewn Stone.  My Jewish tradition teaches that this was a sacred place, for wherever our leaders gather to hear and honor the voice of the people, to legislate and govern, with wisdom, fairness, and compassion—in such a place, sacredness always dwells.

We pray that this refurbished chamber will live up to that legacy, and be always a source of pride to the citizens of Boise and those whom we choose to represent us.

We ask blessing for them, and for our beloved city.

Eternal One, grant them the vision to guide our future, the patience to secure it, and abundant compassion for all whose destinies will be shaped in part by the decisions that they render.

Help them to hear the voices of all whom they serve.  Remind them—remind us all—that the true measure of any community lies in the way it treats its most vulnerable members. 

And may we all be blessed, as we re-dedicate this space, by a citizenry with a shared vision, in which people of all races, orientations and creeds are united in a common bond: to banish bigotry, and to establish justice for all.

May they go from strength to strength.

And let us say: 


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