Monday, January 7, 2013

Masada and the Dead Sea (by Jonah)

First thing in the morning, we went to the Dead Sea to some hot springs there, filled with some water from the Dead Sea.  I floated SO much!  The water was very, very salty.  I did swallow some and it got in my nose.  That was very painful.

Then, after we got out of the hot springs, we dried off.  Then me and my dad and Rosa went down to the Dead Sea.  It was cold outside.  When we got to the Dead Sea, we put some mud on each other.
Here is a picture of me and Rosa covered with Dead Sea mud.  The mud felt rough when it was dry, and it felt smooth when it just got on my body.  It was very fun!

Then me and my dad went into the Dead Sea and floated in it.  I loved it so much!  I really didn't want to stop!

I'm hoping that soon, I'll have another really fun time like that again.

Then we drove to Masada.  It was very tall, and me and Dada and Tanya and Rosa all walked all the way up it.  That was very hard!  Masada was 350 meters high and there were over 700 steps.  The Dead Sea is only 22 meters deeper!  My legs were so sore, I would flop on the ground when I got to the top.  The ruins up there were amazing!  There were many things to climb, but I couldn't climb on them.

This is our last night in Israel.  We will leave early tomorrow morning.  So I said goodbye to everyone in my family: grandma, Aunt Betty, Uncle Jon, Aunt Julie and Josh and Dana.  I will say goodbye to Tanya and Rosa in the morning.

The whole trip--I liked being with my family and having many people that I loved around me.

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