Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Old City (by Jonah)

Yesterday we drove to Jerusalem.  Along the way, we went swimming in a warm springs.  They were very nice and deep, about eight feet deep.  After I got out, I was very cold.

The drive was about two hours long and we drove through the West Bank.  We could see the Dead Sea a tiny bit.  Then we got into Jerusalem and found a house that was pretty nice.

Today we went to the Old City and did a lot of walking!  There was so much stuff there, like wood camels, daggers, swords, smoking pipes, necklaces, and chess sets.  My Dad bought me a miniature chess set that you can fold up to bring places with you.  I love it very much.

We went to visit a church because my aunt is Christian and she wanted to see it.  We saw all kinds of people there, like priests.  Then we walked to the Kotel, which means the Western Wall.  It is one of the most holy sites for Jewish people.  There are lots of cracks in it.  That way, you can write prayers on pieces of paper and then fold them up and put them in the cracks in the wall.  I wrote my own prayer and stuck it in the Wall.  When you write a prayer, no one else is allowed to see it; that's what makes it special.  When I saw the Western Wall, there were millions of notes in it.

Here is a picture of me at the Wall, putting my prayer in it.

Then we took a taxi back to our house.

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