Thursday, December 27, 2012

Greetings from Israel (from Jonah)

Note: During our time in Israel, Jonah will be posting his thoughts on my blog

On my flight to Israel, I really enjoyed it.  But it was very, very long.  We had to take three planes!

When I got to Israel, I remembered everything from when I was here when I was 4.  Right now, I am in Tel Aviv.  At my synagogue, a boy named Ben, who was a really good friend of mine, moved to Israel.    I will see him while we are here.

Today I took very long walks.  First, we went along the beach, to a park on the beach.  It was very fun, and I climbed all over the playground.  Next thing, we walked to a lot of parks that were really fun.  But then we went to a museum about the war between the Turkish and the British.  On our way to the museum, we got kind of lost.  I got tired from all of the walking, but I walked through it.

The last thing that we went to was actually pretty fun--the gelato store.  I got a gelato that was the flavor of bubble gum.

It is very fun in Israel and I hope the next time I come it will be really fun, too.

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