Friday, December 28, 2012

Playgrounds and Shabbat (by Jonah)

Today was my third day in Israel.  It was very fun.  I went to have lunch at a very good place called Dr. Shakshuka.  I had a hot dog but I didn't like it that much.  We walked there, and it took us about an hour and a half.

I walked with my two cousins, Josh and Dana, and my Dad.  While I was walking there, I got tired, but then my Dad told me to eat an energy bar.

Along the way, I went to very fun playgrounds.  One had a HUGE rope net that I could climb in.  I really enjoyed it.  Nearby that park, there was a really nice fountain.  I went into it and I got soaking wet.  I only went in because I got so hot and sweaty climbing up the net about eight times, all the way to the top.  I climbed much faster than anyone else in the park.  I was kind of cold after going into the fountain.  Luckily, my Dad brought an extra shirt, which I got at a Boise State Broncos game, that I could change into.  I also went a couple of times onto a really spinny thing.  Before that, me and my cousin Dana rode a skate-boarding thing.  It turns out there were a lot of spinny things back there, so me and my cousins went there.

Tonight we had Shabbat at the beach.  We put candles down inside the sand, then we got to light them with a lighter.  The lighter didn't work as well as we thought it would, but we got the candles lit.  My Dad also brought some wine that we drank but it was not so good.  To put the candles out, we put the fire into the sand.  Then my cousin Josh said the motzi blessing for the bread and he and my Dad ripped it into pieces so we could eat it.

I had a very fun day.

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