Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jonah's blog: At the Shofar Factory

When we first came to Israel, we were staying in a very small apartment in Tel Aviv.  Then, after three nights, we went to a house that belonged to a guy named Steve.  It is in a place called Yavne'el, which is in the Galilee.  The house is very nice and cozy and very, very big.  I love it.  In the back yard, there is a swing, a foosball table, and a little pool.  The view is also really nice.  You can see a lot of trees and nice houses with red rooftops.

As I've been staying here, I've been getting more used to it, but still thinking that all of it is nice.

Today, we went to a shofar factory.   I got a long, straight shofar that came from an animal called an oryx.  Here is a picture of the animal:

The man from the shofar factory told us that they don't kill the animals.  They get the horns mostly from Muslim countries where people kill the animals to eat them and then sell the horns to the shofar factory. At the shofar factory, they cut the horn, take out the inside, and polish it.   Here is what my shofar looks like when it is done:

At the shofar factory, they had an orange tree there.  I climbed the tree and ate three oranges.  They were delicious--the best oranges that I have ever had fresh!

After the shofar factory, we had lunch at a place called "Spaghettim."  I ate four whole pieces of pizza. I really, really, really liked the pizza.

Then we went to Tzefat.  We went to a place where they made and sold candles.  Their candles were amazing.  They had candles shaped with wax of David fighting Goliath, Noah's Ark (filled with lots of Disney characters), and right when you walked in the doors, there was a candle about nine feet tall.
It was amazing.

Tomorrow we will go to Jerusalem.

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